Nursing Challenges Continue Into 2022

      As the New Year begins, I would like to thank the leadership of the boards of nursing and other national nursing organizations for their collegiality and comradery during the past 2 years as we addressed several difficult challenges related to COVID-19. Together, we produced policy briefs/statements that tackled issues related to clinical experiences during COVID-19 (Academic-Practice Partnerships), COVID-19 vaccine administration, clinical experiences for unvaccinated nursing students, and the dissemination of nonscientific and misleading COVID-19 information by nurses. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) very much appreciates its partners’ insight, support, and willingness to take a stance on these tough issues.
      Accompanying this issue of the Journal of Nursing Regulation is NCSBN’s annual environmental scan. The report describes the current state of healthcare, education, and regulation and provides implications for the year ahead. Despite all that has happened to change the world since 2020, the underlying message of this year’s environmental scan is resilience. The nursing workforce, educators, and regulators have experienced the worst healthcare crisis in more than a century, and yet, our report is marked by achievement and innovation.
      Thank you for your readership throughout the years. My best wishes for a happy and safe New Year!